How it works - Overview

Whether you're entering a new market, testing a new idea or looking to broaden your industry and market knowledge, Pengo's curated network and rigorous recruiting practices provide you with the best expertise on African markets, proving easy access to on demand, local perspectives. You can connect with our Advisors directly on our platform, from anywhere in the world. We are experts at finding African expertise.

Find an Advisor

Search through our network of Advisors across the African continent based on your specific needs. Browse by the type of expertise you are after and get a list of verified subject matter experts. Pengo Insight, only recruits the best expertise so you can be assured that your engagements with our advisors will be meaningful. If for some reason you do not find the expertise you are looking for on our platform, contact us and we’ll find them.



Schedule your call

When you request a call with an advisor, you’ll be able to select 3 different dates and times for your call. The advisor will try to accommodate your preferred dates and times or propose alternatives if they are unavailable to accommodate those slots. Once the call times are agreed, the call can be booked.

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Make your payment

We offer a completely transparent payment process. When booking a call, you need to select the amount of time you require for your call with the Advisor you’ve chosen. Call duration can be selected in intervals of 15 minutes up to a maximum of 2 hours per individual call. You will only be billed for the exact duration of the call based on the advisor fee.


Be prepared

In order to ensure you maximise the time you’ve booked with an advisor, we highly encourage you to set a clear agenda for your call by highlighting the topics you’d like to discuss or issues you need help with. This will ensure that both you and the advisor are adequately prepared and time spent on the call will be meaningful.

*all calls must be kept professional and cannot breach our Terms and Conditions.